Security Features To Look For When Looking For a Self Storage Facility


When you need extra space to keep your valuable items, you may consider using a self storage facility. But the big question, is it safe to use a rental storage unit? This is an important question when looking for a storage facility to keep your belongings. Storage facilities provide that extra space you need to store your items, but security concerns make people reluctant to use them.

There are certain factors to consider when looking for a safe and secured storage facility. Here are the important self-storage facility security features you should look for:

  • 24/7 digital surveillance system
  • Password-protected access
  • Well-lit facility
  • Well-maintained property
  • Proper staff protocol

It is also important to know about the insurance provided by the storage facility. This gives you a warranty for possible damages to the property or any injuries that could happen while on their premises.

Look around and see if the area is clean and well-maintained and make sure no pests are infesting in the area. If they have bugs or rodents, your valuables might be in danger.

Making sure your storage unit is secure is not just the company’s responsibility. Despite the storage service provider’s best intentions, sometimes a renter can accidentally do things to make their storage unit more prone to theft. Before moving your things to your storage unit, make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect your belongings. You may buy the best lock you can afford to add security.

There are many storage facilities out there, and many providers are offering quality services as they want you to choose them to store your items. With some research can you find the right place to store your valuable belongings.

Tips To Renting A Storage Unit


self storage facilities coloundraYou have a lot of things, and you want to keep them.  However, if you don’t have a space to keep your treasured things, then it is the best time to invest for an extra space. Storage units can be a great solution for people in need of a space to place their stuff or just need a temporary storage during a transition.

If it is your first time to rent a storage unit, at what to expect when renting a space for your stuff. We take a look at what you need to know before you decide to get a storage unit.

Your first step is to figure out the size. Since storage units come in different sizes, you should do all you possibly can to figure out the right space for the things you want to store. Carefully think of the items you want to store and choose the unit that will fit your needs. This way you can save you money and avoid paying for the unnecessary extra space. Choose a storage unit that will fit your things and have enough space for you to work around.

Decide what type of unit you need. There are outdoor units which are good if you want easy access. You can drive right up to your storage unit. Indoor storage units are ideal for storing appliances and collectables. And for temperature-sensitive items, you can choose a climate controlled storage unit.

Other important things to consider.

Cleanliness is important in storage facilities. A good facility should be well-maintained and clean. Also, see if the facility is well-secured. Check around the property to see if there is a perimeter fence and if the area is protected by video surveillance. Storage units should have secured entry system.

See if the facility has convenient access hours that will allow you early morning or late evening access to your storage unit. You may also want to know about the company’s insurance coverage and policy for stored items in the property.

Whether you need a temporary storage for your things or a space-saving solution, renting a storage unit makes sense. You will just have to know what you really need to make sure you get the right storage unit for your belongings.

Tips In Choosing The Best Storage Facilities For Your Belongings


self storage facilities tanawhaThere is an increasing demand for most Australians to use of a self-storage facility. With compact apartment living, more and more people are now opting to rent storage units for their belongings. The use of this kind of units started in the United States and was followed by Australia. Now, this has become a booming business made by major institutional investors and private owners.

You may find yourself in need of a storage unit one day or you may be considering finding a place for your valuables now. But just like any other plans, you want your things stored in the right place. This is the part where you need to choose the right facility to use.

Choose the self-storage facility properly

Make sure that the location is secure and if possible, there should be a surrounding fence around the entire property and controlled access of whom are coming in. Their security should include, 24 hour video surveillance cameras, coded security pads and have procedures against fire and flood.

Check for insurance cover. Make sure the storage company offers insurance so you know that they will be liable for unexpected damages to your belongings or any injuries that could happen while on their facilities.

See if the area is clean, dry and well-maintained. Bugs or rodents can damage your valuables so make sure that the facilities are safe from pests proof.

Also, tt is good to note that with the increase in needs for this type of facilities, many companies are providing good customer service to attract more tenants. It is up to you now to look for the best place to store your belongings.

Renting a Self Storage Unit


Are you thinking of renting a self storage unit? Then you need to find out more about the most suitable self storage facility that covers your specialized requirements. There are many different details that will enlighten you, leading to the best decision as to the unit that you are going to rent. If you weigh your options right after having done your research, it goes without even saying that the outcome will be great.

What to Consider When Renting a Self Storage Unit

renting a self storage unit

First of all, you need to estimate the size of the self storage unit you are going to use. You should not choose a facility that is either too small or too big. In this case, you will not get the chance to enjoy great space or you will end up paying too much for space that you did not need in the first place.

When renting a self storage unit, you also need to figure out if you had better rent it outdoors or indoors. Depending on the nature of the goods you wish to store, you should either choose a unit outdoors or an interior unit. Of course, valuables had better be stored separately. And if you have goods that are temperature sensitive, then there are respective facilities that cover these temperatures.

Obviously, the cost is a definitive factor prior to selecting the self storage unit of your preference. Although you should not only base your decision on the pricing, this does not mean that the cost should be underestimated. On the contrary, it should be weighed along with other criteria.

Check out self Storage facilities on the Sunshine Coast for the best options in a demanding field. Once you come up with the most suitable facility to cover your own personalized needs and demands, your decision will be one that you will never regret!

Why Should You Invest in Self Storage?


If you are thinking of ways to increase your income, then you should definitely consider all your options. Weighing the pros and cons of all kinds of investments seems like the best way to go. And in this case, you ought to focus on how to invest in self storage. As you are going to find out yourself, self storage has been on the rise over the past few years. This trend is not likely to vanish into thin air any time soon. So if you want to make the most of your investment, then this is a prudent decision on your behalf.

Benefits of Self Storage

invest in self storage

First of all, self storage covers a lot of different needs. Many people make use of such facilities to store their personal belongings for a short period of time. When you need to be at a specific location for a few months per year, let’s say, where will you store your stuff for the rest of the year? And is it a good idea to buy dispensable items and get rid of them altogether? Or should you always move from one place to the next? These solutions are all expensive and impractical. But storing everything at a self storage facility satisfies these needs promptly and efficiently.

More than that, investing in self storage does not require a great capital. As a result, even people without much money to spare can go ahead with such a move. If you are truly determined to invest in self storage, you will soon realize that it is a perfectly doable decision. More thn that, the trend will most likelyget even stronger over the next few years.

Verdict: Should You Invest in Self Storage?

In a nutshell, yes! Feel free to gather information about any legal issues that have to do with this specific investment and then go ahead!

Problems with Self Storage


self storage

Have you been trying to make the most of your space, through the use of cleaning up the mess at home? Maybe you have just moved in a brand new property and you wish to start anew. But there is a problem that requires immediate handling. More specifically, you need to figure out what to do with all the clutter and all the essentials that cannot be stored within your home. So self storage seems like the best way to get rid of the clutter and still preserve your memories. Is it as easy as it sounds, though?

What to Look for in Self Storage and Possible Risks

Not everyone owns a large home with adequate storage space. This means that you need to figure out how to tackle with the problem of insufficient space. Even though there is the best self storage facility for you to turn to out there, you ought to find it first. So you should compare and contrast the different providers and see which one is the best option for you to consider.

Then, another risk you should take into account is that of not knowing where everything lies. In other words, when you do not see your belongings, it is easy to forget where they have been stored. But with the necessary inventory and the proper organization on your behalf, you will be able to tackle with this potential hazard as well.

Moving forward, self storage facilities can cost quite a lot. Unless you have done your research, you cannot be sure as to the best value for money. So feel free to ask around and search for the most affordable service provider out there. However, the cost should not be your only criterion when it comes to self storage facilities. In this way, you may be missing on additional services provided. These services might be enough to optimize your user experience and facilitate your life.

What about keeping everything neatly stored and protected? If you wish to create a safe shelter for all your memories, your personal belongings and everything else that matters, you know what to do!

Four Reasons Why a Self-Storage Facility is a Convenient Option for you


The Self Storage Association reports that at least one in every ten households across the country uses self-storage space. Safety and accessibility are important factors one should consider when in need of storage solutions. Self-storage facilities will not only ensure the safety of your belongings but also provide you with the convenience you need. Once you’ve found a storage company that can provide you with a secure storage facility for your possessions, make sure you’ve chosen the right storage unit size. Additionally, make sure you’ve chosen the right type of self-storage and remember to label your boxes.

Plan and organize your items so it can be easier and more convenient to locate and retrieve your belongings. Here are some of the ways through which you can benefit from the convenience that comes with having a self-storage facility.


We would like to thank Self Storage Of Caloundra, who operate one of the prominent Self Storage facilities on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland for their input into creating this article for you.

Twenty-Four Hour Access

Well, there are moments when you’ll place an item into self-storage but realize you still need it. Whether you choose to rent a storage facility for the short or long term, you can always access what you want when you want. Having a self-storage facility means you have access to your belongings anytime you want. No need to wait for the facility to open before you can have access.

More Space on your Residential Property

If you’ve been wondering how you can create more space at home, a self-storage unit could be what you need. Whether it’s pieces of furniture or any other unused items that are taking up valuable space in your home, a storage facility will help create more space by freeing up the room. You won’t have to keep dealing with a disorganized and cluttered home.

Security and Versatility

As mentioned, a self-storage facility ensures the safety and security of your possessions. Of course, you need to hire a storage company that’s concerned about its customers. Most storage facility providers have security systems that prevent unauthorized entry. You are the only person that can get to the facility and access your belongings. When it comes to versatility, you have the option of renting a storage unit on the short-term for temporary storage as well as on the long-term.

Note that storage facilities offer different types of storage units including basic storage units, dust controlled units, and climate controlled storage units. It all depends on the type of items you’re storing. If you’re dealing with temperature-sensitive items, a climate-controlled storage unit would be the best option. On the other hand, items such as clothing, upholstered furniture, carpets, and beddings would need a dust-controlled storage unit. The bottom line is that you need to choose the right type of storage unit.

A self-storage unit will not only help you clear your home from clutter but also ensure the safety of your boat when you’re not using it. It’s time you created more room for your belongings. Work with an experienced storage facility and choose the right type and size of a storage unit for your needs.